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Detail from 2011-2015, a small design studio based in Manchester. During this time, I became an integral part of the design team and here is some of the work that was produced to help promote Detail.


Moving to Tib Street gave Detail the opportunity to decorate the new studio. Using filography and a steady hand, I created the signage for the reception that helps underline Detail’s ethos, measure twice, cut once.


Leading up to the festive season and as an extension of the Detail signage, filography was used to create the Detail Christmas tree.

Holes were drilled into a board, then green electrical wire was threaded through to create the silhouette of the tree before culminating at the shining bulb on the top of the tree.

The tree was then photographed from both front and reverse, to show the clean finished tree in all its glowing glory, and also the behind-the-scenes workings that go into such a project. The two photographs then formed the front and back of the finished card.


When Detail moved to a new location on Tib Street, a road famous for its history of multiple Pet Stores, the company wanted to mark the move. Detail designed and commissioned an on-brand bird cage, inspired by this local heritage. 

Working together with film producer Simon Mulvaney, a short video documenting the precise measurements and care taken when creating the cage was made to promote the move and reinforce Detail’s ethos, measure twice, cut once.

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